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Responsibilities of a Fire Warden

The primary duty of being a Fire Warden is to ensure evacuation of your designated area.

  • Responsibilities for a fire warden -  documentYou must not put yourself at risk when carrying out your duties.
  • You should check all areas such as rooms, toilets and store rooms within your designated area.
  • You should encourage people to leave the building by the nearest available exit in an orderly manner and direct people to the appropriate assembly point.
  • You should not use physical force or become involved in confrontation.  If you are aware of somebody remaining in the building then you are to inform the Fire Brigade on their arrival.
  • You must report any other problems associated with the evacuation process to the senior person present.
  • You may have other duties related to working practices and environments.

Day to Day Duties

  • You must ensure ALL fire exits and routes to them remain unobstructed.
  • You must ensure call points are visible and unobstructed.
  • You must ensure Fire extinguishers are not missing or obstructed and also report any extinguishers that have been tempered with or used to the senior person present.
  • You should ensure general house-keeping does not pose a fire risk e.g. storage of waste paper.
  • You must ensure any evidence of smoking inside buildings is reported.

Fire Safety Concerns

  • You should always report any fire safety concerns that you may have, to the senior person present.

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